Silver Saddle Ranch - Carson City

Silver Saddle Ranch - Carson City

Silver Saddle Ranch is located on the outskirts of Carson City along the banks of the Carson River. A working ranch, Silver Saddle Ranch was once destined to be converted to a residential development but instead is now preserved for use as a recreational and education property.  The public can hold meetings and events there and enjoy recreational use of the lands during prescribed hours. As a piece of fast disappearing rural Nevada Silver Saddle Ranch is a wonderful place to hike, bird-watch, or just soak up the nostalgia.

History of Silver Saddle Ranch

Silver Saddle Ranch (SSR) is a 700+ acre working ranch located on the edge of Carson City, Nevada between the Pine Nut Mountains and Prison Hill. The Ranch is situated in an area of agricultural fields, sagebrush, and wetland habitats.

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) completed a land exchange with Perma-Built Homes and the American Land Conservancy in September 1997, to transfer the private Silver Saddle Ranch into public ownership. The Ranch was officially opened to the public on Public Lands Day in September, 2000. Silver Saddle Ranch is now in the process of being transferred to Carson City under the Omnibus Public Lands Management Act of 2009 (OPLMA).

As part of the transfer SSR is subject to a perpetual conservation easement to preserve, and enhance the property’s conservation values. Under terms of the transfer the property must remain open space and Carson City is permitted to use the property for passive recreation, customary agricultural practices, and wildlife habitat.

The conservation easement was developed as a result of a planning and design assessment completed in 2008 entitled “Creating a Community Vision: Silver Saddle Ranch and the Carson River”. This community design was sponsored by the Friends of Silver Saddle Ranch in conjunction with Carson City, Bureau of Land Management, and the National Park Service.  Design and execution of the landscaping was undertaken in 2010 and completed a year later.

Friends Of Silver Saddle Ranch is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving Silver Saddle Ranch for future generations to enjoy. Comprised of locals, FOSSR supports the preservation of open spaces and properties such as Silver Saddle Ranch which offers so much in the way of cultural and historical heritage.

Learn more at the BLM website

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