Silver Saddle Ranch & Club

Silver Saddle Ranch - Travel Program

One interesting aspect of the Silver Saddle Ranch & Club is their travel program. Operating like a giant vacation clearinghouse, the travel program essentially gives the owners and members of the ranch access to thousands of resort condos around the world at exceptionally low rates, often just a few hundred dollars for a week long stay. Compared to regular rates of up to $400 per night or the cost of buying a timeshare at up to $50,000 per week, Silver Saddle Ranch owners can access as many weeks as they want, paying a deliciously low rate for only the weeks they use.

The travel program also provides a website that allows members to shop and compare rates on a variety of travel ranging from airfares to cruises to car rentals and more. All in all the program is a pretty handy thing for those who like to travel and like getting a deal.

Silver Saddle Ranch is a proud partner with several outstanding travel providers including Exclusive Excursions in Park City, Utah. EE provides lots of outdoor activities and also is an expert on group transfers and events.

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