Silver Saddle Ranch horse

Silver Saddle Ranch

We happen to be fans of Silver Saddle Ranch, all three of them. Thats right, there are three wonderful ranches that go by the name Silver Saddle Ranch. We have compiled in this website an overview of each of the ranches: Silver Saddle Ranch in Temecula, CA; Silver Saddle Ranch in Carson City, NV; and Silver Saddle Ranch & Club in California City, CA..

Silver Saddle Ranch, LLC

(Temecula) This beautiful equestrian ranch located in the Temecula wine country is a heaven on earth for horses. If you love all things equestrian do take a few minutes to check out the information on this wonderful ranch. View Ranch

Silver Saddle Ranch

(Carson City) A cultural and historical property just outside of Carson City, Silver Saddle Ranch has been preserved for the benefit of the public. It remains a working ranch but is open to the public for it to enjoy year round. View Ranch

Silver Saddle Ranch and Club

(California City) This is the closest thing to a desert oasis that you are likely to find. Hundreds of acres of greenery, beautiful trees, ponds and flowers; all nestled in a scenic corner of the Mojave Desert. The ranch provides lodging, a restaurant and lounge as well as numerous amenities. View Ranch